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American Solar Electric (ASE) spares no expense to build the finest Solar Lights available in the world today while maintaining affordable pricing for our customers.. We have evolutionarily redesigned the way solar lights are built,maintained and installed. All the parts and LED's are maintainable and replaceable. These lights are designed ,patented  assembled  and guaranteed by Americans right here in our TUVus certified factory in Las Vegas , Nevada. This qualifies us  for “ARRA” built in America.

ASE offers our  patented  one of a kind Fixture Integrated Photovoltaic “FIPV” design for our “G Series” Solar Street.,Park,Trail and Parking Lot Lights. This means that ASE does ALL the assembly for our customers .All the components and wiring  are already self contained and installed into the Top part of our Solar Lights. This makes the installation of our lights extremely simple and inexpensive. Just put the light on the pole slide in the battery and walk away.! Our lights all automatically turn themselves on and off Dusk to Dawn or at varied chosen times with our optional timer controllers. Our lights are installed all over the USA, Canada and the world.

Please look further at this web site to see the many actual installation pictures worldwide. 

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