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HOA & Community Retrofit Solar Lighting

Make your community safe again by installing our GREEN Solar Lights. Our Solar Lights can light the dark areas throughout your community. During the building boom early in the last 2 decades, Community lighting was not a big issue. People wanted their homes built as quickly as possible. No one worried about dark streets or parks or dark mailboxes. They just wanted to move in quickly. Now in 2021, lighting has become a major concern. It has been proven that light helps to deter crime and promotes safety in all areas.

Adding light to crime-ridden or vandalized areas helps to cure the problem. Our Solar lights can be added to any street, park, or trail one at a time or hundreds at one time. Each solar light unit is a separate, self-contained off-grid, solar electric sustainable system. It will work 365 days per year as long as there is the full sun shining on it for at least one day every 3 nights. One day's charge in the sun will power the light for at least 30-40 hours or three nights. We just put a pole in the ground and put the light on top of it. It is that simple. There are no trenches to dig, no conduit costs, or large copper wires to pull to connect each light to a power source. Each light produces its own solar power.

There does not need to be a master plan like with AC 120-240 Volt electric lights. You can put some solar lights in now and add more solar lights as you see fit or as money allows. We can add more light to dark streets without tearing up landscapes or pavement. ASE Solar Lights are also perfect for walking trails or bicycle trails where electricity is hard to access. It is effortless for us to light the mailboxes on a dark street, turning this street into a safe place for families to get their mail any time of night.

By adding our solar lights to the park, we turn a scary dark park into a place for families to BBQ and walk the dogs. We light monument entrance signs and community names on entrance walls so that your community can easily be found in the night (Solar Power Pony). Again, THESE LIGHTS ARE SUSTAINABLE WITH NO POWER BILL. We produce our own power. We do not need to connect to ANY power source. 

There is no unsightly construction with torn-up streets or Landscapes to disrupt the community during our installation. We clean up as we go each day. We dig a few holes, pour in the concrete, and install a few poles each day. The next day we return install the lights onto those poles and dig a few more holes to do more installations.

This process is safe, clean, and much less expensive than AC lighting.

G3-SC solar light community retrofi light for car parking
HOA  Community Retrofit Lighting-
HOA  Community Retrofit Lighting-A
HOA  Community Retrofit Lighting-Night

G3-SC swimming pool lights inside
G3-SC swimming pool lights outside