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Solar Power Pony Light

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This unit is used to light the entrances to housing communities, landscaping, signs, bus stops/ benches with their advertising, carports, campground and beach bathrooms, trail markers for the forest, and also indoor solar lighting for Gazebos. This unit comes with 2 - 3 units of 3 Watt or 5 Watts LED light bulbs with fixtures.

Project Installation Pictures:



Solar Modules 50 Watts Solar Panel - Mono or polycrystalline Laminated with Tedlar & Tempered Glass, 10 Year Warranty.
LED Bulb 2-3  light fixtures with  3 Watts or 5 Watts  LED bulbs with E26 base, Life 2-5 years.
Battery 12V-12Ah/18Ah/35Ah Sealed Lead Acid included (Life span 1-3 years). ASE Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery is also available.
Ambient Temperature Range Lead Acid Battery -10~115 degrees F;
Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery -40~115 degrees F available
Controller Various Adjustable & Programmable controllers for Lead Acid or Lithium Ion Phosphate for severely cold climates.
Light Output

Each 3 Watt SMD LED bulb =60 Watt incandescent (approximately 360 lumens).
Each 5 Watt SMD LED bulb =75 Watt incandescent (approximately 600 lumens).


Each 3 Watt SMD bulb illuminates approximately  20 feet around at 10 feet away.
Each 5 Watt SMD bulb illuminates approximately  25 feet around at 10 feet away.

Light Run Time Minimum of 30 hours on 1 day’s full charge in the Sun or equal to 3 summer nights or 2 winter nights
Product Size Battery Box with Solar Module Top – 23.25” Long X 7.25” Wide X 13” High. Solar Module Size: 23.5” x24.5”
Fixture Weight 40 lbs. including  battery 
Installation The SPP Box can be pole mounted on a 2’-10’ (above ground) 3” OD mounting pole.  The pole should be set into concrete a recommended minimum of 2’ deep X 12” wide, Superseded by Local building Codes.  Or the SPP Box can be mounted on a wall or roof using either of the 2 mounting brackets available.  The Solar Module must be pointed to the South for proper charging.
Maintenance All the components are field maintainable - Bulb, Battery, and Controller
Warranty Includes a 1 year manufactures warranty on all parts, Solar Modules & Battery Box warranties are for 10 years (see warranty for specific details).